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Program Overview


The Health Entrepreneurship Advancement Leveraging Research program features three phases: Ideation, Creation, and Implementation. The Ideation phase trained over 25 aspiring entrepreneurs in fundamental business skills, and concluded with an opportunity for teams to pitch their business ideas for Creation. Of the 16 pitches, 6 were selected through a competitive judging process.

Launched in January 2023, Creation is a 6-month course that is supporting the teams to refine their health business ideas, culminating in the completion of a business plan. Through lectures, mentorship, and homework assignments, participants define their problem, identify their customer, analyze current solutions, articulate their value proposition, and develop plans for operations, marketing, and financing.

Mentorship is at the core of the program, and ULCHS is working with experienced health innovators at the Consortia Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (CIMIT) and African Health Innovation Centre (AHIC) to offer weekly one-on-one coaching to participants.


Watch CTLI's inaugural Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar


The ULCHS CTLI is a national public-private-academic hub for research utilization education, training, and collaboration throughout Liberia’s health sector. CTLI provides a long-term institutional home for sustaining programs developed through BRIDGE-U: Applying Research for a Healthy Liberia (BRIDGE-U Liberia) and other funded projects. CTLI also provides a place for faculty, students, policymakers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and others to gather for project activities and trainings as well as networking and collaboration.

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