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Our Vision & Values

The College of Health Sciences will be an educational institution of excellence, striving to operate by the highest standards of accredited scholarship and professionalism, dedicated to promoting evidence-based practice, community outreach, and scientific inquiry through research to enhance national development.

Our Mission 

To develop graduates capable of building and sustaining resilient health systems that satisfy national need while increasing self-reliance in education, training, and skill transfer.

Our Values  

The College of Health Sciences shall strive to fulfill its mission in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Developing fit-for-purpose human resources for health through education, training, and skill transfer;

  • Engaging in scientific inquiry in all areas of the health sciences to generate new knowledge, information, and data, resulting in a better understanding of the health professions and health care delivery system;

  • Cultivating and nurturing community awareness and service outreach among health professionals to engender physical, mental, and emotional fitness and social well-being for our population;

  • Providing institutional leadership, support and cooperation to develop attitudes and mindsets that will facilitate progressive nation-building;

  • Cultivating and practicing a sense of intra- and inter-sectorial collaboration and cooperation in Liberia;

  • Initiating and nurturing institutional support and cooperation within the University of Liberia and with other institutions, agencies, and organizations in Liberia dedicated to pursuing human resource development and national capacity-building;

  • Establishing collaborative relationships with other universities and research institutions within the West African sub-region, on the African continent, and abroad.

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