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Forms and Templates

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Various financial forms and templates, including Purchase Requisition, Advance/Expense Liquidation, Travel Expense Approval, and others, are utilized by OFS. For access to these forms, individuals can reach out to the relevant OFS personnel, ensuring secure handling of financial documentation.


Summary of OFS's approach to budget management, including the development of budget approval matrix SOP and templates.

Compliance & Regulations

Summary of how OFS ensures compliance with donors' rules and regulations, as well as ULCHS's policies and procedures.

Document Management

OFS has established a robust filing system for all financial documents, ensuring efficient management of both online and hardcopy records.


The ULCHS CTLI is a national public-private-academic hub for research utilization education, training, and collaboration throughout Liberia’s health sector. CTLI provides a long-term institutional home for sustaining programs developed through BRIDGE-U: Applying Research for a Healthy Liberia (BRIDGE-U Liberia) and other funded projects. CTLI also provides a place for faculty, students, policymakers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and others to gather for project activities and trainings as well as networking and collaboration.

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