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Ideation Phase

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Overall Course Description

The Course is designed to introduce passionate idealists to entrepreneurship, fostering a mindset for developing innovative solutions to Liberia's health problems/challenges. The Course will present the health innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and discuss significant stakeholders in this ecosystem, as well as improve networking skills, brainstorm on challenging health concepts, and communicate effectively with consumers or stakeholders.  

To become an entrepreneur, participants must first research ideas and build concepts. The course additionally looks at how to handle problems and best practices for describing and selecting challenges. Participants will obtain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for working, as well as exercise strong leadership for running a successful business. 


The primary objective for ideation is to "solve a health problem." Therefore, this course will help participants but not limited to the following: 

  • Define health Innovation and entrepreneurship and major stakeholders,  

  • Develop team-building and networking skills,  

  • Discuss health ideas and select challenges,  

  • Demonstrate skills in researching challenges,  

  • Explain the concept of community entry, 

  • Demonstrate public speaking skills, and 

  • Develop leadership and management skills.

Basic Requirements

The course will provide a suitable and conducive environment for participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and engage in peer-to-peer learning. Participants who meet the requirements below will be certificated:  

  • Completion of all assignments (We are not encouraging late assignment submission but always make time to submit your assignments to Leelah before the next session begins). 

  • Active participation in small and large group discussions and activities 

  • Meet attendance requirements as described in the Attendance Policy 

Ideation Cohort 2

A 3-month course designed to support aspiring health entrepreneurs in developing and implementing innovative solutions to the health challenges facing Liberia. The program kicked off on January 19, 2024, welcoming 26 dedicated health entrepreneurs who are already making significant strides in transforming Liberia's healthcare landscape. It aims to introduce passionate idealists to the world of entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on addressing the health problems and challenges unique to Liberia.

Participants were presented with a diverse range of business development models to bring their ventures to life. This was facilitated through a well-structured curriculum covering topics such as Ecosystem & Innovation, Professional Communication, Community Entry, Leadership & Management, Brand & Marketing, and Coalition Building.

Cohort 2 - Participants

Watch CTLI's inaugural Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar


The ULCHS CTLI is a national public-private-academic hub for research utilization education, training, and collaboration throughout Liberia’s health sector. CTLI provides a long-term institutional home for sustaining programs developed through BRIDGE-U: Applying Research for a Healthy Liberia (BRIDGE-U Liberia) and other funded projects. CTLI also provides a place for faculty, students, policymakers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and others to gather for project activities and trainings as well as networking and collaboration.

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