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Samuel G.  Bowman ELAB Team Learning Exchange Trip Yields Valuable Insights for Healthcare Education and Simulation in Liberia


Nashville, Tennessee - August 21, 2023

In a recent learning exchange trip to Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Vanderbilt) , the Experiential Learning and Assessment Lab (ELAB) team at University of Liberia College of Health Sciences (ULCHS) gained transformative insights on integrating simulation curriculum in medical training. The trip, spanning from July 14 to July 29, 2023, facilitated an immersive experience that left a lasting impact on the team heading Liberia’s only high-fidelity simulation laboratory at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

One of the key takeaways from the trip was the recognition of the significance of simulation-based training in preparing healthcare providers for non-medical emergencies.

The team - Isaac T. R. Dolo, Dr. Hawa Adoley Sonni Koon, and George Monibah - were surprised by the effectiveness of simulation experiences in simulating real-world crisis situations, such as a break-in or natural disaster. This novel approach showcases the versatility and efficacy of simulation methodologies beyond traditional medical scenarios.

Amidst the valuable learning gains, the team highlighted Nashville city’s rich local culture as some of their favorite memories from the trip. Vibrant cultural exchange and engaging team end-of-work socials showcased the diversity and warmth of the Vanderbilt team. 

Dr. Hawa Adoley Sonii Koon, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation (CTLI)Deputy Director for the ELAB, envisions herself taking on an enhanced leadership role, streamlining work organization, and fostering effective teamwork. Koon's newfound clarity in training simulation educators is expected to lead to improved training quality, ultimately benefiting facilitators and learners alike.

Similarly, Isaac T R Dolo, CTLI Senior Coordinator for the ELAB, emphasized the importance of involving all team members, not just the core group, in decision-making processes. His insights suggest modifications in procurement processes and the development of a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for the ELAB, providing a more faculty-focused approach to scenario development.

George W. Monibah's experience as ELAB’s Simulation Technician revolved around completing the Advanced Care and Maintenance course for the high-fidelity patient manikins SimMan 3G and SimBaby at Laerdal Medical. This hands-on opportunity enhanced Monibah's skills and knowledge in working with these complex, high-tech pieces of equipment, contributing to his professional growth and empowering him to perform preventive maintenance on the manikins in-house at ELAB. Witnessing how simulation centers like Vanderbilt’s utilize their resources for broader safety training was an unexpected revelation for Monibah, highlighting the versatility of simulation-based approaches.

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The team's envisioned applications of these learnings include modifications in scenario development, simulation key indicators, scheduling, and the introduction of task trainers and standardized patient programs.

The Samuel G.  Bowman Experiential Learning and Assessment Laboratory team learning exchange trip at Vanderbilt University has underscored the transformative power of simulation-based training in healthcare education, leaving the team to deliver effective and comprehensive training experiences. The newfound knowledge and insights gained from the trip are poised to contribute to the advancement of medical education and patient care on a broader scale.

This trip and the ELAB are funded by USAID through the BRIDGE-U: Applying Research for a Healthy Liberia project

Written by: Jani Kollie


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