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Training a fit-for-purpose health workforce starts with excellent teachers. CTLI's faculty development program is increasing the number of qualified full-time faculty members and instructors at ULCHS,  introducing state-of-the-art teaching methods, building a culture of mentorship, and developing the role of resident doctors as teachers and leaders in clinical training. CTLI will be a training hub for ULCHS faculty and for instructors at other education institutions in Liberia.

Learning Goals

Training and mentorship in teaching methodologies and other core faculty competencies are essential for delivering quality education and creating a state-of-the-art learning environment. CTLI is institutionalizing three workshops  originally delivered in collaboration with partners that build instructors’ knowledge, skills and attitudes: 

  1. •Pedagogy Training

  2. •Mentorship Training

  3. •Residents as Teachers and Leaders

CTLI continues to identify new priorities for faculty skill-building (such as gender sensitivity, grant proposal writing, and leadership), and will create new workshops in response to those needs.


Sustainable Impact

Partners have played critical roles in developing and piloting CTLI’s faculty trainings, and have built ULCHS’s institutional capacity every step of the way. CTLI uses a training-of-trainers approach to capacitate a cohort of in-house facilitators that are equipped to independently lead workshops in the future.

Lesson plans, assessments, and other key resources are housed within CTLI for continued refinement and ongoing delivery in line with faculty needs. This approach ensures that trainings are not one-off occurrences, but rather institutionalized courses that will continue to impact teaching and learning at ULCHS – and beyond –  for years to come.

Sustainable Impact

ULCHS launched the Faculty Apprentice program in 2019 to establish a pipeline for full-time preclinical faculty at AMD. The apprenticeship process lasts for 4 years, with 3 phases:

  1. Supervised Teaching Experience at AMD

  2. Graduate Training Abroad

  3. Mentorship in Transition to Faculty at AMD

The program recruits high-potential candidates for basic science teaching, and participants commit to serve as full-time faculty at ULCHS for a minimum of four years.

There are currently 14 apprentices, all enrolled in Master’s degree programs at the University of Ghana. An additional doctoral candidate is studying human embryology at Thrivus Institute.


The ULCHS CTLI is a national public-private-academic hub for research utilization education, training, and collaboration throughout Liberia’s health sector. CTLI provides a long-term institutional home for sustaining programs developed through BRIDGE-U: Applying Research for a Healthy Liberia (BRIDGE-U Liberia) and other funded projects. CTLI also provides a place for faculty, students, policymakers, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and others to gather for project activities and trainings as well as networking and collaboration.

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