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RATL (Residents as Teachers & Leaders) Training 

This RATL training builds clinical teaching skills in medical residents embarking upon their second year of training - the point at which they take on significant teaching roles for medical students, interns and junior residents. By the end of the training, participants are able to define their teaching identity, practice effective communication, develop learning objectives, apply clinical teaching models, and share feedback during bedside teaching.


In 2022, 30 clinical faculty were trained by Vanderbilt University Medical Center educators to serve as future RATL facilitators. In 2023, 24 residents representing a total of 7 programs (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, OB/GYN, ophthalmology, psychiatry and family medicine) participated in the 4-day training. The training will continued to be offered on an annual basis for each class of residents. 


RATL 2023 in Pictorial


Office Location 

College of Health Sciences,

University of Liberia

Adjacent Catholic Hospital, Oldest Congo Town, Monrovia Liberia

This training is going to help me in teaching medical students. It will increase my ability, how I relate to students, and how I deliver the lectures based on the knowledge we require. The training reinforces and solidifies what you are supposed to be practicing. It is going to help in diversity and tolerance.

~ Joyce B. Gwaikolo – Consultant Physician | Doctor

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