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Pedagogy Training 

The faculty development program's pedagogy training is the foundational teacher training at ULCHS. The training includes 3 classroom modules and one-on-one mentorship over the course of 3 months, culminating in the development of a teaching portfolio that includes learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate excellence in classroom teaching, including applying best practices in instructional planning (developing a course syllabus and schedule, crafting a session plan and learning objectives, selecting and designing learning activities).

2. Define the goals of assessment and design fair and relevant assessment tools, including effective test questions.

3. Demonstrate best practices for teaching and assessment in a clinical setting, including the utilization of demonstration, simulation and coaching techniques.

4. Evaluate teaching practice and demonstrate peer learning (including sharing constructive feedback with peers, and receiving and incorporating feedback on their own practice).

5. Ensure gender-sensitive pedagogical approaches and a gender-equitable environment in classroom and clinical settings.

6. Identify key elements of effective leadership for faculty members.

Participant Selection Criteria

All ULCHS faculty are strongly encouraged to complete the pedagogy training. Faculty and instructors who have not completed the training should speak with their Dean or write directly to the Faculty Development program to be included in future trainings.

The training is also open to dedicated teachers outside of ULCHS. Applications will open each year, approximately 3-4 months prior to the start of the training.


Successful applicants will demonstrate:

• Commitment to their academic institution.
• Willing to self-evaluate and reflect on performance.
• Interested in developing leadership and change management skills.

• Ability to participate in all three classroom modules, and commitment to spending up to three hours per week on assignments outside of class.


Pedagogy Training 2023 in Pictorial


Office Location 

College of Health Sciences,

University of Liberia

Adjacent Catholic Hospital, Oldest Congo Town, Monrovia Liberia

This training is going to help me in teaching medical students. It will increase my ability, how I relate to students, and how I deliver the lectures based on the knowledge we require. The training reinforces and solidifies what you are supposed to be practicing. It is going to help in diversity and tolerance.

~ Joyce B. Gwaikolo – Consultant Physician | Doctor

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